CA Wildlife Official Photographed with Dead Mountain Lion

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Outcry is growing against one of California’s top wildlife officials after a photo of him holding a dead mountain lion surfaced online last week. Dan Richards, president of the California Fish and Game Commission, is shown in the photo, holding a mountain lion he reportedly hunted and killed in Idaho, according to Western Outdoor Press, which published the photo. Hunting mountain lion is legal in Idaho, but illegal in California. What was this idiot thinking?

King Juan Carlos, Honorary Head of World Wildlife Fund Spain, Caught in Elephant Hunt

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From the Wildlife Extra News. Apparently it isn't the first time the King has been shooting big game in Africa, or elsewhere (Apparently he killed a bear in Russia a few years ago too). Whilst not illegal, it shows a complete disregard for his 'subjects' and total contempt for his role as 'Honorary President of WWF Spain'. April 2012.

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The Wildlife Conservation Stamp: An Additional Income Stream for Our National Wildlife Refuges

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Many of these refuges and associated Conservation Areas, which have the potential to protect more than 1 million acres of vital wildlife habitat, have been forged through creative partnerships with sportsmen, conservation groups and private landowners. It is now more important than ever to draw on the diverse group of refuge advocates around the country to safeguard America’s wildlife heritage 1. Most wildlife watchers are anxious to contribute their resources toward that end.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes 2015 Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges

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Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe today announced as part of Great Outdoors Month the agency is proposing to expand fishing and hunting opportunities on 21 refuges throughout the National Wildlife Refuge System. National wildlife refuges provide premier outdoor recreational opportunities across the Nation. There are more than 560 national wildlife refuges and 38 wetland management districts, including one within an hour’s drive from most major metropolitan areas.

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Environmental Groups Call For End To USDA Wildlife Killing

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of Wildlife Services , which is involved in mainly predator control programs (coyotes are a big target). From WildEarth Guardians: WildEarth Guardians’ research reveals this agency is: • Biologically Unsound - Wildlife Services uses a “sledgehammer approach” to wildlife management, meaning over one million animals are killed each year using non-selective killing controls such as poisons, traps, and aerial gunning. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist and killed his dog.

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Power Companies and Springtime Tree Removal

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Maggie Ciarcia, a solo wildlife rehabilitator in Carmel, NY specializing in small mammals and game birds, received a notice from New York State Electric and Gas that tree trimming was scheduled for her neighborhood and someone would contact her. No wildlife rescue required.

Ivory Bigger than Drugs in Africa

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Trafficking in ivory and game meat has become one of the most lucrative illegal trades in Africa due to rising demand in Asia, experts said on Friday. "In In terms of monetary value, ivory trade has surpassed drugs and is now one of the most thriving illegal trade in the continent," said Karl Karugaba, the head of a panel from the Lusaka Agreement Task Force. Tags: wildlife crime ivory africa trafficking asia elephants Sad, sad, sad. Why doesn't this greed ever end?

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Shutting Your Trap

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I knew the wildlife. What you did was illegal,” he said. I have a book about injured wildlife coming out soon, and I couldn’t buy better publicity.”. Not only did we convince the local head of PRH that DEC was horning in on his territory, we managed to drag the president of the nearby Fish and Game Club – who personally detested trapping – into the fray. Birds Conservation Great Horned Owl leghold traps Red-tailed Hawk wildlife rehabilitators

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Lake Tahoe Bear Poached for Gall Bladder

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State wildlife officials are investigating a possible poaching case in which someone removed the gallbladder of a black bear -- which can sell for thousands of dollars in Asia -- after the animal was struck and killed this week by a car in the Lake Tahoe area. Mark Lucero of the Department of Fish and Game's Northern Enforcement District. It is illegal to take parts of dead wildlife left on the side of the road, Lucero said. "A Sounds like a crime of opportunity.

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Trumpeter Swans: Don’t Shoot Them

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This morning’s news had this: During this year’s open of waterfowl season, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center admitted more trumpeter swans for bullet wounds than ever before. … It’s illegal to shoot trumpeter swans in Minnesota. The executive director of the Wildlife Rehab Center, Phil Jenni, isn’t sure if [a particular shooting] shooting was intentional.

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Cliff Swallows and Pest Management

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It is illegal for any person to take, possess, transport, sell, or purchase them or their parts, such as feathers, nests, or eggs, without a permit. In California, the Cliff Swallows usually arrive in February so the agency in charge of enforcing these laws, the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), considers February 15th to September 1st the swallow nesting season. Fish and Wildlife Service. Because IT IS ILLEGAL TO INTERFERE WITH NESTING BIRDS!!

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The slaughter tourism trade in Serbia

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And that flight is illegal because EU legislation does not allow export of game meat from Serbia to EU. For God’s sake, how much can we extract from 400 shooters, to make it worth encouraging large scale wildlife poaching and tainting the country’s name? Twenty years ago, flocks consisting of a thousand European Turtle Doves were a common sight in Serbia in spring. Ten years ago, those flocks were reduced to a few hundred birds.