Sat.May 15, 2021 - Fri.May 21, 2021

Birding northern Serbia, or a sudden bird tour

10,000 Birds

It was an unexpected bird tour, without too much planning and aimed at a few target species, of which we saw most, but the main one eluded us… Early morning, leaving the last houses behind… and a Little Owl awaits us on a traffic sign.

Springtime Tree Cutting and Wildlife

10,000 Birds

Here’s a can-you-top this tale of cutting down trees in the springtime. The Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center in Norristown covers four Pennsylvania counties (including Philadelphia) and takes in over 3000 animals a year.

Keeping Cool in Tierra Caliente, part 2

10,000 Birds

It isn’t often that a single outing of mine yields enough photos for two weeks’ posts. But last Wednesday at 1 a.m., only 5 hours before my deadline, I finally accepted that there was no way I was going to get all my Hot Country beauties from Paso Ancho into a single post.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of May 2021)

10,000 Birds

I have it on good authority that many of you have already ridden the roller coaster of this season’s migration madness and are now recovering from strained eyes, sore necks, and bloated lists.

April Showers 4.30


Further up the Fitzroy River

10,000 Birds

Following on from Grant’s birthday camping trip to the Fitzroy River at Langi Crossing it was my turn to choose a place to go for my birthday. Our birthdays are two weeks apart and I decided we should go and check out the Fitzroy River at another location.