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Listen-Speak by Bev Thompson

4 The Love Of Animals

Listen – Speak by Bev Thompson I don’t listen to your words, I listen to your speak vibrations. Your imprinted voicebox, your tone, your facial expressions, your body language, your eyes. Don’t turn your eyes away! Look at me. I … Continue reading → dogs

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Uncommon Yellowthroats

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The Yellowthroat group is an odd collection of bird species. The one migratory species, aptly named the Common Yellowthroat , can be seen almost anywhere in North America. Another one, the Masked Yellowthroat , can be found in five unconnected resident territories over much of South America. Both are marsh-dwelling species. The next-most-widely-ranging Yellowthroats , the Gray-crowned and the Hooded, favor grasslands and scrub.

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Analogue vs. digital birding

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Looking at a photo of a dozen birders on a Colombia tour, it stroke me that they were either using binoculars or cameras. Not a single one was using a scope. Okay, this was a shorter distance observation, but even in such situations I love to see birds through the scope. Probably some of them did carry a scope, but the majority clearly ditched scope for a camera (and expected their guides to provide scopes, of course).

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Montezuma Winery: Red Wing

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It’s often said that the native wild grape varieties of the New World– of the species Vitis riparia , Vitis labrusca , Vitis aestivalis , and Vitis rupestris – are ill-suited to winemaking in the European tradition. In fact, that claim may have even been repeated here on this page just last week.

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April Showers 4.30


The first Pied Oystercatcher chicks of 2019

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This year marks the twentieth year that we have observed Pied Oystercatchers nesting along Cable Beach. We keep an eye on the 23 kilometre length of beach that runs from Gantheaume Point to the southern side of Willie Creek. There are usually 16 pairs of Pied Oystercatchers nesting along this length of beach from late June. Their success rate is pitiful and can hardly be called successful at all.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of July 2019)

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Those of us north of the Equator should be enjoying our summer weekends no matter how boring the birding might be. Better, though, is finding a way to raise the quality of your bird sightings and enjoyment of them. How is that working out for you? I spent the weekend with some friends in the Southern Tier, where I’ve always complained about the boring birdlife. Somehow, we managed to flip the script on that by spotting all kinds of birds that the whole group could enjoy.

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Tweet of the Day – Birdwatching on the Wireless.

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“It will never catch on” said the producers of the proposed radio programme. “Birdwatching.? On the wireless.? Everyday.? Are you mad?” ” But sometimes an idea captures enough peoples’ imaginations to make it viable and so it was. May I introduce you to “ Tweet of the Day “, a regular feature on BBC’s Radio 4.

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