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Finding birds in Deliblato Sands, part 1/3: the largest sand dune system of Europe

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It has been a while since I wrote on where to watch birds (unbelievable, I know), and will now focus on the nature reserve of Deliblato Sands and the adjoining Labudovo okno Ramsar Wetland, about an hour east from Belgrade, Serbia. This area is so conveniently close to the city that you can choose to go only for the morning and to be back by noon, or to spend the entire day in the sands.

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Social Distancing

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I am a nerd. The nerd part of me, which dates back to before the word was popularized, did not do me well during my pre-teen years. In spite of its title, the movie The Revenge of the Nerds did not help. The more recent development of “nerd chic”, however, has made life easier for nerds everywhere. Thank you, Sheldon and Leonard! I am also a deep introvert. This seems to surprise some people, since I work as a pastor, and have what most people qualify as pretty good people skills.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of March 2020)

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Some times of year offer more avian excitement than others, and recent signs even as far north as I live suggest we’ve just entered such a period. Harbingers of the season to come have been emerging slowly buy surely. Did you catch any this weekend? For me, the view of Red-winged Blackbirds puffed up with territorial bravado signals the approach of spring, even if we’re have to endure a few more snowstorms to get there!

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PPT 11/19/20

Casa Santos Lima: Valcatrina – Vinho Regional Alentejano (2015)

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For much of its history, Portugal has sat secluded at what was long considered the very end of the known world — at least from a Western point of view. Not far from its capital Lisbon lies Cabo de Roca, the westernmost point in mainland Europe. Beyond that is the entire expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, stretching some six-hundred leagues west to Newfoundland — and even further to the mainland shores of North America.

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Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of March 2020?

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Had you ever even heard the term “social distancing” until the last month? Now we are living it as schools, workplaces, and entire industries shut down–hopefully temporarily–under the cloud of COVID-19. Do you know what is still open, though? The wild, where people are few and the birds abundant. Stop stockpiling toilet paper, and go birding instead. Your health, both physical and mental, will be greatly improved!

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Bird Litigation:  Greater Sage-Grouse and Oil and Natural Gas Leases

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Because its habitat consists largely of land that is valuable for oil and natural gas exploration and extraction, protection of the Greater Sage-Grouse has long been the subject of extensive litigation. Additionally, the Trump Administration has made it a priority to increase oil and gas leasing, in many cases on key sage-grouse habitat. A substantial amount of that land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”).

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Collaborative list – February 2020

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The beats are on the move, exploring new places. That bodes well for the numbers this month. And of course, we have an extra day to play with this year. Corey’s trip to Jamaica adds to the ever-growing list of places visited ( 56 ) and adds a wealth of endemics to the life list which currently sits at 4001. If you entered the sweepstake to predict when the 4000 barrier would be breached and suggested Corey at 13.38

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