Sat.Jan 23, 2021 - Fri.Jan 29, 2021

We Want to Help the Birding Tourism Industry

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With a worldwide pandemic still raging the tourism industry has taken a massive hit.

How My 2021 Birding Is Going So Far

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I took a couple of weeks “off” from chronicling my weekly outings, in order to give my thoroughly amateur recommendations on bird photography, for other thoroughly amateur photographers that might be out there. It was, it turns out, a rather exhausting job to write those posts.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of January 2021)

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While the fourth weekend of January finds us all mired in the depths of whatever season grips our part of the world, the light is ever so slowly changing. Another couple of months of a little more or less light at dusk every day will soon trigger that global migration of birds we all eagerly await.

A day trip to Derby

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Last Sunday it was a dull, cool morning when we awoke and we decided to do a day trip to Derby. It gave us a chance to hopefully add a few new birds to our 2021 bird list and see the lush green land after recent rainfall. The header photo is of a boab tree covered in leaves.

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March Madness 4.0