Wild Boars Bad For New York

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And while we’re working to ban captive boar hunts in New York why not ban all captive hunts? Real hunters don’t shoot animals raised in captivity or animals that are penned in, do they? Asides

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Bush Meat, Trafficking Decimate Vietnam

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Dr Scott Roberton, head of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), said that hunting wild animals for meat and trafficking had been happening in many countries, especially developing ones. In Viet Nam, hunting and trade in wild animals had been alarming, he said. Among them, stag and wild boar accounted for around 70 per cent of the consumed meat, followed by turtle, snake, fox and porcupine. Sounds just awful. But the problem is the high demand for these products.

The Final Days of the Danube backwaters in Belgrade: Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is coming to Serbia

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In mid-December, I was birding along the Beljarica levee (Beh-LYAH-ritza), my local patch north of Belgrade, when something other than birds attracted my attention: three wild boars , appearing all black because they had just swam through the swamp to reach the bottom of the levee.

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Freeze-birding down the Danube

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A shot or two coming from the opposite bank, but they do not sound like geese shooting – more like boar hunting. A goose hunt sounds like a WWII battle. A flock of small birds at the dyke, Yellowhammers mostly… I cannot see well because of one enthusiastic hunting dog which takes pleasure in running through the snow and flushing them up whenever the birds land. We counted more than 35 of them, relaxed and fearless, clearly not hunted.

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The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

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It’s the boar hunting season. The soil is disturbed by foraging boars (and there is not a single shot from those hunters). This species’ population has decreased rapidly owing to levels of hunting on the migration stopover and wintering sites, as well as habitat destruction, mostly as a result of land cultivation. I dipped a bird recently – possibly a lifer.

From Today's New York Times

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To the Editor: “ Getting Bacon the Hard Way: Hog-Tying 400 Pounds of Fury ” (front page, June 21), about Texas hog hunters, illustrated the barbarity of hunting with dogs. To compensate for their lack of skill, hunters set their dogs upon a wild pig—a descendant of boars brought to America solely to give hunters the pleasure of killing a helpless animal. Hunting with hounds is neither sport nor conservation. Joe Miele President Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Maywood, N.J.,

Rarer than Tigers: the Indian Wild Dog

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In the morning, still sleepy, we enter the jungle, where a sounder of Indian Boars (a long-maned subspecies Sus scrofa cristatus ) is watching us, standing among the first trees, right next to the road. Further down the road, we reach a derelict building with a large veranda hidden among the trees – an abandoned hunting lodge (if I were in a situation to invest, I would choose to upgrade this into a luxury wildlife lodge). India, February 2013.

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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: the Tiger Afternoon

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On her own, two months ago, she took down a big, old and experienced Indian Boar , who already had some old tiger claw scars. The Osprey tries another hunt, finally a successful one, while Telia goes deeper into the water and lies down. Maharashtra, February 2013. Trying not to inhale so much of the dust cloud that envelops us, I am sporting a bandana tied bank-robber style.

Where to watch birds in Belgrade

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There is a breeding pair of White-tailed Eagles at the Veliko Ratno Island and they can be seen year-round, but the best chances are in winter, when they hunt ducks around the island. The only mammal species I have observed here were the Brown Hare and Least Weasel , but Golden Jackals and even Wild Boars are present, too.

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