What’s Up with the ABA?  Part II (Some Suggestions)

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This is the sort of issue that the ABA should have a template for comments that could be adapted for a specific site. As to the second, advocacy is already done on an ad hoc basis and creating templates for letters and comments on proposed regulations would be straight-forward.

“Getting Closer” — a book review

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His professed goal is to use the template of a photography book to communicate his own love and understanding of the natural world and to inspire others likewise.

Bird Song and Parallel Evolution: learning from our feathered friends

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These bird songs have two aspects, and I oversimplify but not excessively so: A genetically inherited template, usually specific to the song-producing sex, and a learned song that consists of the template shaped by experience as a developing bird hears the adult version of its own song. The templates can be discovered by raising birds in the absence of adult song, and they often sound very little like the normal final product.

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My Uneventful 3rd Blogiversary

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And this isn't really my area but I'm willing to take it on (because our quoted price was $500 for the template and $249 for hosting, and that sounds like a lot to me, particularly considering we'd be doing all of the content and updates--not them). I was hoping to say that I have blogged every day for three years as of today, but sadly, and very frustratingly, the past couple of days I have been otherwise occupied.

Behold the Blue-footed Booby

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One fun way is to make your feet blue like that of this beauteous booby by wearing blue shoes or socks, or by using a special template to create your own Booby feet. The order Suliformes holds a lot of special birds from anhingas and darters to cormorants and shags as well as frigatebirds, pelicans, and tropicbirds. But the sleekest of the sulids may be found in the family Sulidae.

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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Northern Central America: A Book Review

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The map template shows the political boundaries of each country, and are color and shape coded to show permanent residents, nonbreeding visitors, breeding visitors, transients, vagrants, breeding colonies, local wintering sites, locally resident year-round sites, and suspected sites. Birds know habitat. They don’t read treaties or draw maps or build walls and, as far as we can tell (since we can’t talk to birds, yet), they have no concept of political boundaries.

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Birding for the Curious: A Book Review

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Birding for the Curious: The Easiest Way for Anyone to Explore the Incredible World of Birds by Nate Swick brings birding back to its roots—a simple, joyous way to enjoy nature using our eyes, ears, hands (for sketching), and brain. Not that Nate eschews technology—he unabashedly urges beginning birders to eBird—but he views it as one element of a total package that anybody can engage in if they have that one ingredient—a willingness to learn.

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The Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition: A Review of an Iconic Guide in a New Edition

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You can interpret this major change as Sibley creating his own design template, utilizing placement to create connections and putting more trust in users’ basic knowledge. Sometimes it takes an unexpected question. When my friend Victoria, who lives in Georgia and who is an avid birder but who is not an avid reader of blogs and social media, asked me “Should I buy the new Sibley? Is it different from the old Sibley?” I realized that I was writing this review all wrong.

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