Russia Bans Canadian Seal Imports!

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Russia does have its own seal hunt, but apparently they banned killings of animals under one year old. I don't see what they get out of it, unless they want to impress Europe, which has already banned seal products. Russia and two of its neighbours have informed the World Trade Organization that they are banning the import and export of harp seal pelts – a move that animal-rights activists are celebrating as the death knell of Canada’s commercial seal industry.

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Baby Fur Seal Lament – Digital Nomad

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Baby Fur Seal Lament – Digital Nomad. Andrew is hanging with some adorable baby Antarctic fur seals in South Geogria, and has posted a video of his encounter. National Geographic’s “Digital Nomad”, Andrew Evans, is on a trans-Atlantic journey from South America’s Cape Horn to Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. Along his journey (as with most of his adventures) he stops to hang with local animals, and to share his experience in his blog.

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Seal Industry Tries to Capitalize on Medical Researchers Conjectures

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But the seal industry doesn't care. Dr. Philippe Pibarot has been studying seal heart valves to see if they might be a better transplant option for humans than those from cows or pigs, believing they may be more durable than the other animal tissue. Despite that, a Quebec-based seal fur company has begun championing Pibarot's hypothesis, seeing the research as a buoy for Canada's beleaguered seal harvest. canada seal hunt seal hunters quebec seals

Commissioned Study Shows Namibian Seals Worth More Alive than Dead

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Seal tourism brings in more revenue for the African country than the seal hunt. Each year, up to 85,000 seals are killed in Namibia to make just a few dollars from their furs, when they would be worth so much more to the Namibian economy alive," said Claire Bass, WSPA International Oceans Campaign Leader. economics seal hunt africa economic development seals namibia hunting

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Canada Promoting Seal Meat and Fur in China

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Now there is a marriage made in heaven, two countries with atrocious records on animal issues have come together. The EU was a small market for Canada. Of course, we're disappointed in their actions," Ms. Shea said by telephone from China today. That being said, there are many other markets out there. That's what we're doing in China. We're trying to expand on the market that's here." Maybe they can start trading them for bear gall bladders and tiger parts.

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Clarification on Messaging

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If you've seen The Witness , you know that Eddie drove around with a van that had a continuously looping video of what it takes to get the fur that some find so appealing (and he gave out leaflets, too). I spent years forcing people to look at photos of bludgeoned baby seals, "veal" calves in crates and skinned animals. Vegan education/advocacy for animals is easiest for me when I know my audience.

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Flock to Marion

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Finally in 1799, the first visitors on this volcanic land were a group of French seal hunters who were after the fur seals that can be found hauled out on the beaches for fur and oil, which almost wiped out the local population of the species.

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Kaikoura stricken

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Thanks to it’s marine canyon it’s the place to see Sperm Whales, swim with Dusky Dolphins and New Zealand Fur-seals, and watch albatrosses, shearwaters and petrels. New Zealand Fur-seals have a n extraordinary waterfall creche near Kaikoura , although there are reports this site was one of the casualties. I’m on a fortnightly schedule here now, but I’m submitting a quick story in my off week in the light of recent events.

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Failure to launch

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The objective wasn’t even birds, it was fur seals. My brother is in town for a few days so I decided to take him to Red Rocks on Wellington’s South Coast to look at the seal haul out. The day was sunny and calm (a novelty), and the time of year is right for seals. It wasn’t fur seals, or even eciting birding, but it was fun to poke around.

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Our first week of self-isolation completed

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Another activity that anybody anywhere in the world can contribute too is becoming a Seal Spotter. You look at photos taken by drones of Australian Fur Seals around Phillip Island and count them. I mentioned last week that we have to stay on our property for 14 days.

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Kaikoura in the Autumn

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The rocks here are particularly good for New Zealand Fur-seals, but we also saw Variable Oystercatchers , Black-fronted Terns, Caspian Terns , White-fronted Terns, Red-billed Gulls and Kelp Gulls. A New Zealand Fur-seal.

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A Field Guide to the Wildlife of South Georgia: A Book Review by a Penguin Groupie

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It is also the site of an incredible concentration of wildlife–penguins, albatrosses, petrels, seals and whales, and this is why you’ll also find “South Georgia” in the same sentence with terms like “truly spectacular” Second, even if you have no intention of ever traveling to South Georgia, this book is worth reading. Seals and Whales are also given a lot of attention, with entries organized similarly to the bird species accounts.

Royal Shags and Tricky Parakeets: Birding Queen Charlotte Sound

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In the early morning out on the water there were plenty of Fluttering Shearwaters and Australasian Gannets, and close to a salmon farm we found New Zealand Fur Seals as well as Pied Shags, Little Shags and Spotted Shags (I can only assume that kiwis just like calling all cormorants shags because they are all five years old). New Zealand Fur-seals are the most common pinniped found in New Zealand.

Penguins, Parrots and Wine on Matiu / Somes Island

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The highlight of the weekend was seeing a pair foraging on a beach, searching the sand and tide strands for various morsels like a turnstone, and approaching the dozing New Zealand Fur Seal without the slightest sign of fear. Red-crowned Parakeet foraging near a New Zealand Fur Seal. When it comes down to it New Zealand is all about islands. The whole place itself is an island, but the main islands are themselves the mainland to a number of smaller islands.

African Penguins in Peril

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Sharks, Cape Fur Seals and even Killer Whales will prey on them in the ocean. I grew up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Cape Town, South Africa. The birdlife in the Cape is nothing short of spectacular, with a healthy dose of charismatic endemic species. In fact, there is no other region in Africa that offers such a fantastic level of endemism in such an accessible location.

Offshore Sea Life ID Guide: West Coast–A Book Review

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It does not include near-shore, coastal species, like Brown Pelican, Elegant Tern, and Harbor Seal. The two main chapters cover Marine Mammals (Orca; Whales; Dolphins and Porpoises; Sea Lions, Fur Seals, and Elephant Seal; Rarer Marine Mammals) and Seabirds (Albatrosses, Shearwaters and Fulmar, Strom-Petrels, Phalaropes, Alcids, Red-billed Tropicbird, Brown Booby, South Polar Skua, Jaegers, Gulls and Terns, Rarer Seabirds).

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Sperm Whales in Kaikoura

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The boat moves quickly past interesting things; Northern Giant Petrels , Buller’s Shearwaters , White-capped Albatrosses , New Zealand Fur Seals (I understand they will pause to see dolphins). I have raved on and on about how Kaikoura is the best place in the world to see albatrosses , but the once sleepy seaside town is not actually famous for these magnificent birds. What put this once small fishing town on the map was not birds but mammals, specifically whales and dolphins.

Seabirding off Cape Point

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African Penguin braying Aside from the diversity of birdlife and resident mammals of the Cape Peninsula, the bay itself supports thousands of Cape Fur Seals , a healthy population of Great White Sharks , several species of dolphin and whale, as well as countless thousands of seabirds attracted by shoals of bait fish within this marine protected area. Birding has been an all-consuming interest for Patrick Cardwell since boyhood days spent in a wildlife-rich environment.

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Where to See Kiwi (and other birds) During the Rugby World Cup

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Abel Tasman is popular for its easy hiking trail along the coast and kayaking, keep an eye out for New Zealand Fur Seals and Spotted Shags. Wildlife opportunities don’t stop there, you can watch New Zealand Fur Seals at Red Rocks, hunt for Blue Penguins on a stay at Matiu/Somes Island , and have your bags rummaged through by Weka and Kaka on Kapiti Island. If there is one thing that Kiwis care about, it’s birds. No, wait, not birds. Rugby.

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