Guest post: How to build a cat house.

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There is no doubt that you love the smallest member of your family. Follow the procedure given below to build your cat house: Purchase a 4×8 Sheet of plywood, a box of 5/8” wood screws, three 2×4x8 stud and some small pieces of carpets. Take the three of the 2×4x8 studs and cut them into twelve equal sized sections. Now give the studs the shape of a box by attaching them with the wood screws. Thanks to Blythe Wood Works for the following guest post.

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Dog Collars

4 The Love Of Animals

In situations where dogs were primarily guarding domestic animals, collars tended to have studs or spikes to frustrate the jaws of a marauding wolf. “Normal” collars– Most dog collars are used to dress up the family pet and to identify it to strangers who may come into contact with the animal. Wolf collars– Modern studded collars exist primarily as decoration intended to make a pet look tough, but this type of collar has a historically important function.

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Tribute to War Heroes…at Both Ends of the Leash

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They sniff out bombs that would harm our troops; they comfort soldiers on the battlefield and veterans back home; they search for the wounded after an attack; and sometimes, they have the grim task of finding the fallen, bringing closure to families and friends in the most trying of times,” she said. Eight extraordinary canine finalists, selected in a nationwide online search, were honored at this red-carpet star-studded award gala for their remarkable devotion, bravery and companionship.

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Quinta do Casal Branco: Lobo e Falcão Reserva (2016)

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Quinta do Casal Branco has been in the family of winemaker José Lobo de Vasconcelos for over two centuries, since 1775. The first half of the estate Lobo e Falcão (“Wolf and Falcon”) label is clearly a tribute to the family’s lupine surname, but whence comes the falcon? The historic Quinta do Casal Branco estate once served as falconry grounds of the Portuguese royal family, where the forebears of Sr.

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Tanzania – Africa at its best

10,000 Birds

Nowhere else in Africa do the preconceived ideas of the continent really exist in such living detail; tall, red-robed Maasai herding their skinny cattle, endless grasslands studded with flat-topped Acacia trees and grazed by herds of zebras and wildebeest, and dramatic volcanic calderas brimming with big game and fierce predators! The Baobab-studded woodlands and wetlands of the park harbor over 550 bird species and they sure come thick and fast!

Moorcroft Manor, a Great Place to Lay a Birding Head Down

10,000 Birds

Mousebirds are a uniquely African family and they really brought it home to me that I was back in Africa after a decade. The tall flower studded grasses to the north were a mess of seed-eaters from the Red-billed Quellea to the astonishing Long-tailed Widowbird , a sparrow-sized bird with a massive tail twice as long as its body. Birders are, as far as I can tell, not particularly fussy about where they rest at the end of the day.

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Campbell Park, Canberra

10,000 Birds

Australia’s capital, set in the eucalypt-studded Great Dividing Ranges, has not got a fantastic reputation as an exciting place to be, but in truth its an attractive garden city with a lot of green spaces, parks, and other pleasant paces that make it a nice place to live. It wasn’t long before I saw my first family of Superb Fairy-wrens as well as a very noisy Willie Wagtail. First was a family of fast-moving Silvereyes and a Spotted Pardalote.

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