The Gap Between Wildlife and the Animal Rights Movement

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Today I’m exploring a couple questions that have been bouncing in my head for a while…I’d love to hear your thoughts…I’m not calling into question animal rights, just the focus of the movement. – The Great Ornithologist Felonious Jive Animal rights. Unfortunately, once we discuss anything beyond this basic point, people vastly disagree on what is right and wrong. Politics Animal Rights I Am Birder PETA

Plant Rights

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There is no inconsistency in rejecting plant rights while accepting animal rights. If Smith thinks that plant rights and animal rights stand or fall together, then he is confused, for there is a morally relevant difference between plants and animals, namely, that only the latter are sentient. Addendum: Smith appears not to understand the animal-rights movement. He writes: The animal rights movement grew out of the same poisonous soil.

Your Friday Moth to a Flame

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We want to take a building that has been a flashpoint for conflict on one moral issue and turn it into a place of dialogue on another one," said Bruce Friedrich, vice president for policy at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Right. PETA wants to buy the clinic owned by slain Dr. Tiller. "We

Efforts to Rescue Lolita the Orca from Miami

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Animal-rights activists claim an orca is being held in an "inadequate tank" in the Miami Seaquarium. The Animal Legal Defense Fund, People for the Ethical Treatment of Individuals and three individuals challenge the NMFS decision "to exclude from the listing of the Southern Resident killer whale population all captive members of that population and their progeny." Read the rest of the article in the Courthouse News Service.

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German Court Bans PETA "Holocaust" Campaign

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The German constitutional court has ruled that animal rights organisation PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) must end its campaign in which it draws a comparison between the Holocaust and industrial farming. PETA wants to run a campaign that compares factory farming to the Holocaust. Touchy subject there in Germany.

Lucy the Elephant's Case to be Heard by Canadian Supreme Court?

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Animal rights groups are seeking leave to appeal to the high court in their ongoing fight to have Lucy the elephant moved to a warm-weather U.S. In their Supreme Court application, the groups say private citizens have a right to seek legal remedies to ensure that governments enforce animal protection laws. Every day that Lucy spends at the Valley Zoo, her condition continues to deteriorate," Jeffrey Kerr, a lawyer for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said Wednesday.

Meat with No Feet!?

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A while back PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) offered $1 million to any company or person who could come up with a cost effective way to produce cloned meat on a large scale, the goal being that people could still satisfy their meat cravings, but that animals wouldn’t have to be slaughtered for that purpose. If I knew that the meat was humane and safe, I wouldn’t have a problem with it ethically at all.

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Military Used Pigs in Brain Injury Research

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They stopped after protests from animal rights groups, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Lovely. Military researchers have dressed live pigs in body armor and strapped them into Humvee simulators that were then blown up with explosives to study the link between roadside bomb blasts and brain injury. For an 11-month period that ended in December, researchers subjected pigs and rats to about 200 blasts, according to Pentagon documents and interviews.

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PETA's Orca Lawsuit Dismissed by Federal Judge

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On February 8, a federal judge said ‘no,’ stopping a historic case filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals against SeaWorld for violating the 13th Amendment on slavery. Before the ruling, PETA’s attorney Jeffrey Kerr told HuffPost that the animal rights group’s argument was based on the belief that “slavery doesn’t depend upon the species of the slave, any more than it depends upon the race, gender or ethnicity of the slave.

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PETA Settlement over Shelter Records

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The Davis County Commission has agreed to pay the legal fees of an animal rights group after settling a lawsuit over animal shelter records. The Standard-Examiner of Ogden said Wednesday that the county will pay $17,732 to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Follow-up from the Utah scandal in which shelter animals were being sold for research purposes. For the full story, go to

US Judge Asked to Hear Case about Orcas

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US District Judge Jeffrey Miller called the hearing in San Diego after Sea World asked the court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that names five orcas as plaintiffs in the case. Advertisement: Story continues below "This case is on the next frontier of civil rights," said PETA lawyer Jeffrey Kerr, representing the five orcas. We'll see how it goes.

Australian Fireman Honored by Animal Rights Activists

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Tree, 44, has been rewarded for his compassion by rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) which gave him its Hero to Animals Award. The fireman who saved Sam the Koala is now an international Youtube star. And getting recognition he deserves for his kindness.Mr The compassion that David Tree showed in caring for Sam is an inspiration to others throughout the community and beyond,' said Peta Director Jason Baker.

On "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer

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And what follows, as you might imagine, is his support of "ethical meat" (for those who insist on eating animals). This should come as no surprise as he is on the board of Farm Forward -along with John Mackey and Bruce Friedrich-the latter of whom figures prominently in the book as does his employer, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This is not a book about animal rights, and some might say Foer gets animal rights wrong as his only reference is PETA.

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Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

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Marra and Santella are very much anti-TNR, a view that is shared by others, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), not to mention Birdchick. Attitudes change over time, Marra and Santella say, and with proper education about these “unrelenting killers and cauldrons of disease” the public may come to view pet ownership as one Auburn University professor quoted in this book does: “as a privilege, not a right.”.

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To the Editor: “ Should Most Pet Owners Be Required to Neuter Their Animals? ,” by Verlyn Klinkenborg (Editorial Observer, July 30), is right: “The rate at which dogs are purchased and euthanized in this country is not a sign of our affection for them. July 31, 2007 The writer is the director of Domestic Animals and Wildlife Rescue & Information for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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The Unalienable Rights of Chimps ,” by Adam Cohen (Editorial Observer, July 14), unfairly characterized PETA’s efforts. Newkirk President, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Norfolk, Va., To the Editor: “ What’s Next in the Law? Few people know the depth of our work, as it is mostly our stunts that make the news.

PETA to Start Using Porn in its Advocacy

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The fur is flying over plans by the People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals to run a porn site in the group’s fight against animal abuse. will have sexually explicit content and address animal rights issues. Well, uh, I really don't know WHAT to say. Weird. Excerpted from the Toronto Sun. Combining porn and images of abused animals is “repulsive,” insisted Gwen Landolt with Real Women of Canada. This exploits women and is an abuse of people.