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Following the Recognition Ceremony, which will include speeches and the presentation of awards, there will be demos by dog teams. Sarah Atlas is a search-and-rescue dog handler, one of many civilian volunteers who serve with New Jersey Task Force 1. On the day of the attacks on the World Trade Center, Sarah got the call at 8:46 that she and her German Shepherd, Anna, who was trained for live find and as a therapy dog were to report to the Lakehurst Naval Engineering Station.

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Looking Forward to Birding Fallon, Nevada

10,000 Birds

In addition to kayak tours and birds of prey demos, Spring Wings has plenty to do for even the most casual birders, including a decoy-carving workshop, a photography seminar, and a chance to help band baby Wood Ducks (and who wouldn’t love that!). … where the Spring Wings Festival will be held from March 17–19, 2013!

Get Your Ears in Shape for Spring with Larkwire

10,000 Birds

You can check out a free demo version on their website. Are you sometimes astounded when you are out with another birder who manages to hear and identify many more birds than you? Do you feel like you are missing out on finding lots of species because your eyes are good but your ears aren’t? Don’t stew about, do something! Be prepared for spring migration by giving your ears a real workout and blow your birding buddies away with your amazing abilities come April and May!

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Home-cloning kit for waders.

10,000 Birds

For reasons known only to itself, my computer will not printscreen in a useable format, so out of necessity, the demos below are pictures taken of the screen and I apologise for the poor representations. As the evenings darken and night draws in, some of us are forced to spend more time at home with our families instead of out in the field.

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