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Through heart-wrenching rescues, informative awareness campaigns and much more, they are striving to make a difference in the world for those that don’t have a voice. Formed in 2007, this organization seeks to promote the humane treatment of animals by promoting effective animal sanctuary management. Restoring some faith in the route of humanity, these organizations are great examples of people using their knowledge and skills for good.

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We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

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There had been a collective sign of relief at Barack Obama’s election in the U.S., One is Lanny Davis, an influential lobbyist who was a personal lawyer for President Bill Clinton and also campaigned for Hillary. The school is best known for producing Latin American officers who have committed major human rights abuses, including military coups. (5)

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Thought To Be Extinct For 100 Years

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The Guan had never been seen in the wild after Polish Naturalist Wladyslaw Taczanowski collected one individual in 1876. Nineteenth and early twentieth century naturalists collected birds on long and arduous exploratory expeditions in the New World. A Guan was collected in 1876 in a mangrove forest near the border between Peru and Ecuador. A large and striking bird like this would be hard to neglect in a museum collection.

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Who Wants To See a Greater Prairie Chicken?

10,000 Birds

His work is the foundation of the Macaulay Library video collection. The human world is on the move to where the money is. As we have gone through this exercise of finding the story, as birders who have realized the importance of conservation, we have paid a great deal of attention to solutions and why we, as modern humans in a society Lincoln would not or barely recognize, need prairies.

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10,000 Birds

It is threatened by habitat degradation as a result of the human exploitation of natural resources in the taiga and lower tundra regions of its breeding range, and by lake drainage for irrigation and hydroelectric power production (Armenia).” (The They are under very heavy hunting pressure in Serbia and after 15 years of campaign , are finally off the shooting list. We, humans, seem to be quite hostile neighbours to other life forms around us.

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Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather–A Book Review

10,000 Birds

This mass avian exploitation, amazing and repugnant, ultimately met its end through separate campaigns in the United States and Great Britain, each led by women, mostly upper-middle class women. Both campaigns led to the establishment of national, influential conservation organizations–National Audubon Society in the U.S. Ironically, only the women of one of these campaigns, the suffragette movement, have been recognized and honored. A feather is a magical thing.

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