Woof Wednesday: Monkey Around!

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Today’s photo is of Baby in her monkey jogging suit. Our dog enjoys wearing her clothes, in fact, she can hardly wait to put them on! Nice and warm for these cold winter mornings. What about your pet, do they like to wear clothing?

Air Canada Criticized for Transporting Research Monkeys

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The arrival of 48 monkeys on a flight from China this weekend has brought Air Canada under fire for shipping primates destined for research laboratories, but the airline says it is obliged by federal law to accept monkeys as cargo. A Pearson International Airport employee tipped off the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection that a shipment of monkeys destined for Montreal was being held at the Toronto airport after arriving from China on Saturday. Awful.

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Air Canada Feeling Pressure to Stop Shipping Lab Monkeys

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Animal-rights activists are urging Air Canada to stop shipping live monkeys and other animals destined for experimentation, saying the airline can change its tariff rules if it wants. In our opinion, Air Canada is not legally obligated to accept monkeys as cargo," said the opinion written by Lawyers for Animal Welfare. I don't think it's likely that Air Canada is going to budge on this. Excerpted from the Montreal Gazette.

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Pam Anderson Urges End to India's Animal Testing

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Former Baywatch star and model Pamela Anderson has accused one of India's most prestigious research centres of animal cruelty, urging it to retire decades-old test monkeys and adopt humane practices. In the letter, Anderson said dozens of monkeys are kept in "cramped, barren, and rusty cages for years on end," and appealed for the release of one monkey she said had been suffering at the research facility for nearly 20 years.

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Physicians Committee Accuses University of Washington of Cruelty to Ferrets

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The UW has been cited in the past for deficiencies in animal research, including allowing a monkey to starve in 2009. I live in Seattle and I am always skeptical of how the UW treats its lab animals. I had never heard of the use of ferrets in medical research though. News to me. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine claims these are unnecessary procedures, even though the ferrets are apparently anesthesized during the process. Full story in the Seattle Times.

The Emotional Lives of Animals

4 The Love Of Animals

Harvard University psychologist Marc Hauser observed what could be called embarrassment in a male rhesus monkey. After sensing that no other monkeys saw him tumble, he marched off, back high, head and tail up, as if nothing had happened. the Spring 2011 issue of YES!