Feral Cats in American Cities

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The other day, Minneapolis, Minnesota passed a feral cat ordinance. So I put together a “carnival” (of sorts) of Feral Cat Ordinances and Issues that samples current events across the US. From the Star Tribune : Feral cats win a round at Minneapolis City Hall. So, maybe, no matter what one’s opinion may be of this idea of feral cat colonies, it can work here. Jourdain questioned whether feral cats is a big enough problem requiring its own ordinance.

A Dietary Alternative for Feral Cats?

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Much has been made in these pages about the havoc that feral cats wreak on native birds. And the TNR/exterminate debate rages on. Maybe Daleks could be trained to focus on feral cats?). Hey bird lovers, maybe getting feral cats addicted to fast food is an idea worth considering! No Kea were harmed in the making of this story. Image by Duncan). Just yesterday, Mike reported on a study finding that they are responsible for decimating populations of Hawaiian Petrels.

Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

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Still, with the help of various sources, the authors have a try: Ninety million cats live in 46 million American homes; There are 100 million feral cats that live outside and eat mostly wildlife, and 50 million owned cats (i.e., The traditional, supposedly humane answer to the glut of feral cats has been institution of “TNR” programs – trap, neuter, return. Header image of feral cat with a Golden-crowned Kinglet by Isaac Grant.

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That Awkward Moment With Feral Cats and Family

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Case in point: some of my family members have become active with feral cat colony organizations. I have mixed feelings about TNR. On the one hand, it’s better than doing nothing with a feral cat colony. But I don’t agree with the supplemental feeding that happens with feral cats–if you’re gonna call them wildlife, treat them as such. And if a feral cat colony is near an endangered species, the colony should be eliminated.

Fix Nation

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FixNation uses Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), which is a community-based program that involves trapping homeless, free-roaming cats, getting them spayed or neutered, and then returning the cats to the exact spot where they were trapped so they can live out the rest of their natural lives. Assembling all known TNR resources under one roof and applying them to the problem on a massive, full-time scale is something very few other organizations can do.”.

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CATS for Cats

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100% of funds raised provide supportive funds for Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats ( www.kittybungalow.org ), a 501c3 nonprofit all-volunteer organization that rescues, neuters, socializes and find homes for feral kittens while providing outreach and Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR), as well as free and low cost spay neuter services in the underserved Los Angeles areas.

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Why Did The National Audubon Society End Their Contract With Ted Williams?

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On 14 March, 2013, the Orlando Sentinel published an opinion piece by Ted Williams under the headline “Trap, neuter, return programs make feral-cat problem worse.” He also quoted a biologist pointing out how extreme the TNR people are and gave a few examples. Then he gave a couple of alternative solutions to the feral cat problem: There are two effective, humane alternatives to the cat hell of TNR.

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Powder Puff, RIP, and More

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Stephanie posted the first of a series of guest posts by yours truly about TNR and Project Treadstone over at her immensely popular site at Change.org. And last night, a veterinary surgeon-friend of mine asked for help regarding ferals, and I believe today we are signing up a colony about five miles from me with 50 (!) Thanks, Stephanie! Speaking of Project Treadstone, Powder Puff, seen below, died over the weekend. Each time I saw him he looked sickly.

City of Albuquerque Being Sued for Trap-Neuter-Release Program

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The lawsuit alleges that the City of Albuquerque partnered with animal advocate groups to implement a Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program in which stray or feral cats are trapped, sterilized, vaccinated, and then abandoned at the location at which they were trapped.

On Charles and Project Treadstone

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Finally, I was asked to participate in a new TNR group in my town that started largely because of my oodles of questions and setting of policy for Project Treadstone! It'll be my area's first group dedicated to reducing the feral cat population! Just in case you were wondering what an 85-lb red fawn greyhound looks like from the back with a couple dozen acupuncture needles in him. And yes, that's Violet Rays taking up most of his acupuncture bed at the homeopath's office.)

On Project Treadstone and Welfare, OED-Style

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Project Treadstone If anyone in Palm Beach County wants to get involved in the Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) of feral cats, now is the time, as the county's Spay Shuttle is back in business (but for a whopping $40/cat rather than the original $15), and Pahokee ($25/cat) is open as well.