Fri.Apr 19, 2024

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WHO publishes updated list of medically important antimicrobials


The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its updated list of medically important antimicrobials. Published February 8, the WHO List of Medically Important Antimicrobials adds new categories on the basis of their importance in human medicine, risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and the potential human health implications of inappropriate use in nonhuman sectors, particularly in animal agriculture.

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Close to Home

10,000 Birds

Most weeks, I can blog about going somewhere a bit more exotic, and seeing something a bit more unusual for me. But this week, I had no car to drive, so I had to go on foot to the nature reserve on the far side of our neighborhood. This place, called Los Filtros Viejos (the Old Filters) because it used to be Morelia’s main water source, is actually a great place for birding.

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Dogs and cold

Reddit Animals

Is it okay to leave a dog ( about 6 months old ) outside for longer periods of time ( since evening till morning ) at temperatures of 0-5° ( 32F to 41F ) at kinda windy weather? It's my neighbourh which has this dog and as i know it has no shelter also.

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Were the pandas poorly treated by Edinburgh zoo?

Reddit Animals

I remember reading about them as a huge hit but saw an article today saying that Tian Tian (the female) was recalled to China and retired because she developed a fear of people likely due to being on display for so long in the zoo. Also seems very cruel that the zoo tried to so many failed and forced artificial insemination procedures on her simply to try and make extra money from cubs as apparently they were paying a million dollars a year just in loan fees to display the pandas.

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Webinar & PDF Test

Speaker: Steve Romanco

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do you take your pets for yearly checkups?

Reddit Animals

I have a family dog that we take yearly for checkups and i bring my cat annually too. its happened multiple times where i’ll be talking about how my cat has a vet appointment, someone says “oh no, is he okay?”. when i tell them its just a checkup they’re surprised. i guess some people only take their pets when there’s an issue? what do u do?

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Examples of animal behavior specifically for humans?

Reddit Animals

Hi! I'm researching animal behaviors for a game I'm working on. When searching online there's a vast amount of information about how animals scare off predators and/or intimidate them, but I'm specifically interested in positive interactions (which has proven to be much harder to find) So, I have 2 questions for you all: Do you guys know of any examples where animals have specific behaviors that they do to gain attention from humans ?

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