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The Changing Fortunes of Europe’s Vultures – Part 3 The Egyptian Vulture

10,000 Birds

The Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus has been one of my favourite birds since I was little. Look at it close up and it does look grotesque. I couldn’t describe it better than Willoughby Verner did in his book “ My Life Among the Wild Birds in Spain ” published in 1909: “ It is when the Egyptian Vulture or Neophron, as it is also styled, is seen close at hand that it is revealed in all its hideousness.

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do vets typically refuse to show xrays?

Reddit Animals

took my dog to the vet the other day because he seemed like his back legs were kinda weak or something. At the vets office she pressed on his back area and he didnt really make any sounds but he like "breathed heavily" when she pressed on his stomach and then wanted to do an xray of his abdomen. I say ok to the xray and they take him out of the room, when the tech comes back in she says the vet said his liver looks enlarged and they wanted to do bloodwork.

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Where to report animal abuse if all you know is it's happening in Africa and you are in the us

Reddit Animals

I stumbled upon a tiktok page which appears to be a fraudulent shelter. Generally these shelter purposely neglect their animals and pretend to be a shelter asking for donations. My proof that this may be fake is I caught the account reusing other people videos, acting as if they were their own videos, I messaged him, he proceeded to deny it and turn messages off. how do I report to get this investigated because if there is abuse I would like to help.

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Help on pregnant cat.

Reddit Animals

So there's this pregnant stray that I've been taking care of lately (About 2 months) and I know she's pregnant, but now she's been vocalizing really loudly, and I know she wants me to follow her, but she keeps leading me to an abandoned house with a lock (I know she wants me there because everytime I turn back she always comes back out of the house to try, and make me to follow her inside again.) and I want to be with her when she's giving birth, but I can't just break in

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Speaker: Gabriel Wagner