Vagrancy in Birds: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

The authors aim “for the first time [to] systematically explore the taxonomic and geographic patterns of extralimital avian occurrence globally and try to synthesize what we know about the processes that underpin these occurrences, based on the latest scientific discoveries” (p.

Year of the Eagle

10,000 Birds

Scientific experiments would be needed to demonstrate true cause-and-effect, but the extra attention appeared to pay off. Kevin Ebi is a professional nature photographer whose work has appeared in a variety of magazines and books, including National Wildlife , Smithsonian , Outdoor Photographer , and Lonely Planet and Moon travel guides. Year of the Eagle is his third book.

De arte venandi cum avibus: San Martino Siir (2015) – Aglianico del Vulture DOC

10,000 Birds

But in many cases, Frederick found that the claims of these vaunted but unthinking sources stood in contrast with his own experiences as both a falconer and keen observer of birds. And whenever ancient texts or folklore failed to provide a satisfactory explanation, Frederick conducted what would now be recognized as scientific experiments to discover the answer himself.

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Meat, Cancer, and the Cumulative Case for Ethical Vegetarianism

Animal Ethics

Even the most ardent defenders of the morality of using animals for food and as “tools” in scientific experiments admit that premises (1) and (2) are true and acknowledge that (1) and (2) capture something central to our moral relationship to animals. Ethical vegetarianism is the thesis that killing and eating animals is morally wrong whenever equally nutritious plant-based alternatives are available. The case for ethical vegetarianism starts with several uncontroversial premises.

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