Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa

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It was founded as a safe place for refugees from the Mozambique Civil War , which ran from 1977 to 1992. But it wasn’t founded to serve as a refuge for human refugees, but animal ones, specifically elephants. The park was created as much to protect the local communities from marauding elephants with a hatred of dangerous humans and a lack of interest in the differences between nations as it was to protect the elephants.

What is a Palm-thrush?

10,000 Birds

As noted in their entry the Handbook of the Birds of the World, they are unusual in their close association with palms (hence the name) and in building mud nests (in palms or human buildings). They are also found in patches of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and also north through Zambia, the Congo and Tanzania (just poking into Kenya).

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10,000 Birds

After one 3 year stint, they left with 131,405 specimens including birds, mammals, reptiles, plants and even human remains (which were only recently repatriated for burial in Africa!) He discovered Rudd’s Lark at Wakkerstroom and in Southern Mozambique he collected the first specimens of Rudd’s Apalis , Neergaard’s Sunbird and rediscovered Pink-throated Twinspot (which had been “missing” since the 1820’s when the Verreauxs erroneously claimed to have collected it in Cape Town.)

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Getting the Bill – Taste, Touch and Smell in Birds

10,000 Birds

Whilst catfish have around 100,000 taste buds, rabbits around 17,000 and humans approximately 9,000, birds rarely exceed 100 of these receptors. But certain bird species go against the grain here and some even appear to have a better sense of smell than many mammals, humans included. A Dominican missionary in Mozambique in the 16th century was astounded to find honeyguides eating the wax from his altar candles!

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Review: Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa

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How many copies of Sasol does one human need? The most outrageous of these was in Victoria Falls, where the smart list had the Livingstone’s Turaco (actually found on the other side of Zimbabwe on the border with Mozambique) but didn’t have Schalow’s Turaco , which does occur there. With one exception the cisticolas I recorded were picked out by call or a human guide.

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We Should Kill More Lions

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In addition the Selous Game Reserve is functionally linked with the 42,000 km2 Niassa Game Reserve in Mozambique, and this is another important factor that ensures its integrity. With no permanent habitation inside its boundaries, human disturbance is low. Assuming you have a passing interest in wildlife, or at the least you know someone that does, and chances are in the last week or so you’ve become aware that some lady from America shot a lion.

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Africa’s Barbets

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This remote region of Cryptosepalum forests is little changed by human hands (somewhat of a rarity in these times of devastating habitat destruction) yet this species has not been relocated despite extensive searches by birders (including myself). The next isolated populations are several thousand miles northwards in Malawi, northern Mozambique and the Rondo Plateau in southern Tanzania.