King County Animal Shelters Still in Trouble

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After all the brewhaha about improving the conditions at the King County animal shelters in Washington State (where we live), I'm still seeing this kind of stuff. A group of veterinarians that volunteered this year to treat sick animals at King County's two animal shelters has quit, citing a lack of accountability and a reluctance from shelter staff to fix a broken system. Tags: animal shelter management seattle State of Washington King county

Vile Practices at Tulare County, CA Animal Shelter

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Cookson were accused of participating in an “off the books” arrangement wherein Harmon and Cookson carried out unauthorized mass euthanasias at the Tulare County, California shelter – reportedly using nonstandard and painful methods – by falsifying records to cover their actions. Sargeant, doing business as Sargeant’s Wholesale Biologicals, buys carcasses from animal shelters and sells them to research facilities such as UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine.

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Giveaway: Royal Bitch Couture

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an acronym for “Prevent Euthanasia Through Spaying.&#. Not only do we love Royal Bitch Couture for supporting a great animal cause and trying to reduce the euthanasia rate, but we also love that they are made in the USA! We have a fun giveaway for our stylish dog lovers!

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Texas Tech Allowed to Withhold Info on Animal Testing

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PETA was trying to get the information to find out why the university is buying cats and dogs from a West Texas animal shelter for university training or research. From the Avalanche-Journal: The university has purchased cats already scheduled for euthanasia from Odessa Animal Control since the 1980s, a shelter spokesperson, Cpl. The university also purchased dogs from the shelter up until 2007, Carruth said.

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Guest Post: Foreclosures Threaten Pets As Well As People

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While many animal shelters already struggle on a day-to-day basis to care for the millions of unwanted animals that are dropped at their door, the numbers have grown to an almost unmanageable degree over the last few years. The rise in foreclosures over the last few years has been paralleled by a spike in the number of animals that are being brought to shelters for what most owners are listing as “moving reasons”. And this all leads to the most unfortunate outcome, euthanasia.

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Hope for Hen Welfare

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Some of the provisions will be implemented almost immediately after enactment, such as those relating to starvation, ammonia levels, and euthanasia, and others after just a few years, including labeling and the requirement that all birds will have to have at least 67 square inches of space per bird. Farm Sanctuary’s shelters in New York and California provide lifelong care for rescued farm animals. A press release I received from the Farm Sanctuary.

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To the Editor: The euthanasia of more than 1,000 dogs and cats at the main animal shelter in Las Vegas is surely a major tragedy in the sheltering field (news article , Feb. The Humane Society of the United States’ recommendation to euthanize animals after 72 hours at the shelter was specific to this situation and does not apply universally, as your article might suggest. Shelters across the country are required to hold animals to let owners reclaim lost pets.

Race for the Rescues

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Because of foreclosures, the city shelters are in crisis and flooded with animals – which, in turn, has dramatically increased the euthanasia rate. This year, with the economic downturn and the huge numbers of animals inside the city shelters, we hope that more attendees will find it in their hearts to provide a new home for one of the rescue animals at the event, and adopt.”. 4th ANNUAL “RACE FOR THE RESCUES” FUNDRASIER.

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