Thu.Nov 30, 2023

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American College of Veterinary Surgeons – October 11-14, 2023


The American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) held its annual surgery summit October 11-14 in Louisville, Kentucky. The ACVS presented awards and seated some new officials.

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Horrible Hybrids

10,000 Birds

As a general rule, birders don’t like hybrids. For a start, they may struggle to identify them, while secondly they can’t even tick them. On BirdTrack, the British equivalent of e-Bird, the list of birds provided does allow for Tufted Duck x Ferruginous Duck to be recorded, but not Tufted Duck x Pochard. However, that’s exactly what I guessed the duck swimming in front of me had to be.

Geese 179