Fri.Jul 05, 2024

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Revised CPR guidelines in dogs, cats emphasize speed, standard techniques


On June 26, the Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation (RECOVER) Initiative unveiled the first major revisions to its global veterinary CPR guidelines since 2012, setting new life-saving standards based on scientific advancements and extensive community feedback.

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I hate people who treat animals like toys.

Reddit Animals

Found this video of a mother who stuffed a poor kitten into a cardboard box and sealed it shut with tape to "surprise" her daughter for a reaction video to farm views. Now the daughter will no doubt grow up thinking it's ok to treat animals like this so you can get your 5 seconds of fame. Absolutely disgusting.

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My Personal Favorites

10,000 Birds

We had dear guests from the Middle East staying with us on Monday, my usual birding day. So this week, instead of writing about my latest outing, which did not happen, I will talk about a few of my favorite birds. These species are not only beautiful or charming, but have a personal resonance for me. I am sure each of our readers also have certain birds which mean the most to them; in fact, I would love to hear about yours in the comments below.

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Keep finding decapitated pigeons, what animal would do this?

Reddit Animals

I’m in the UK so it won’t be a raccoon or possum as we don’t have these here. Seen two around the area I live in and one in my garden, so it’s not kids/ people. We do get birds of prey, foxes and cats around, but would they just eat the head and leave the body? Both times the body is in tact with no rip marks, just the head gone, with the spine sticking out of the body.

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Speaker: Gabriel Wagner


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Elephant Seals, Antarctica

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/artemshestakov [link] [comments]

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My talented ratties and their mini paw paintings from this week!

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/Shadowtherat [link] [comments]

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