Chimpanzees are NOT “Pets”

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Earlier this week a Connecticut woman was attacked by a 200 pound chimpanzee named Travis who had been kept as a pet for 14 years. “ The thing is, those abilities make him very intelligent, but they still do not make him a domesticated pet.

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5 things to know about pets and pests

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5 ways to de-bug your pet this spring: Ticks can be difficult to spot. Ticks may be transferred to humans. Be aware of areas where Lyme disease (a common tick-borne illness) is prevalent: the eastern coastal states and the north central states, especially parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin and northern California. Tags: guest post pet care

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Calling all Dogs: Celebrate National Dog Day with Free Ice Cream August 25

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To celebrate National Dog Day 2012, Best Friends Pet Care will be giving away free doggy ice cream treats to every dog who visits any Best Friends facility across the U.S. Canine guests must be on leash and accompanied by a human companion. dogs events for pets

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On Why a Bunny Might Have Two Noses

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( AP Photo/The Connecticut Post, Brian A. Pounds ) A pet store in Connecticut received a shipment of products last week. How auspicious for the owner of the pet store, who deals in sentient nonhumans!