Vivisection is Up There with Waterboarding

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The author is the press officer for the Animal Liberation Press Office. Tags: animal experimentation animal research vivisection medical research Barbaric, backwards and best belonging to the Middle Ages? I say "yes" and it's time to pursue the alternatives. This is an excellent, excellent opinion piece.

On Different Results of Direct Action

Animal Person

There is a profound difference between what Sea Shepherd does and what the Animal Liberation Front does, but there are also similarities, and those similarities increase in number if a direct action by the ALF (or anyone else) is an open rescue and therefore a direct defense of sentient nonhumans being attacked by humans. Here's another direct action and its result, as described in an interview by Larry Mantle on KPCC Radio (it's the one called " Animal Rights vs. Animal Testing ").

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J. Baird Callicott on Factory Farms

Animal Ethics

From the perspective of the land ethic, the immoral aspect of the factory farm has to do far less with the suffering and killing of nonhuman animals than with the monstrous transformation of living things from an organic to a mechanical mode of being. Animals, beginning with the Neolithic Revolution, have been debased through selective breeding, but they have nevertheless remained animals. They have become, in Ruth Harrison 's most apt description, "animal machines."