Mon.Mar 27, 2023

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Veterinarian-jockey breaks the mold on and off the racetrack


Dr. Ferrin Peterson has always wanted to ride the winning horse at the Kentucky Derby, and she has never been closer than now to achieving her dream. She’s had a total of 1,135 starts, including 102 first-place finishes. When she’s not racing, she’s busy making house calls or scrubbing in for surgery, working as an associate at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky.

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The cat stole my mouse!

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Happy Puppy Day

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This weeks mini paw paintings by my awesome pet rats!

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Speaker: Gabriel Wagner


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What species are my ducks? Below you can see my pet ducklings and I need too know what breed and species are they? Got them from rule king and it just said assorted ducklings.

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