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WVC features AVMA sessions, research results


Also during the conference, Idexx Laboratories released a study on practice productivity, and Nationwide released the second of a pair of white papers on the risk of diseases in brachycephalic dogs.

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Spotted: The Pet Set

4 The Love Of Animals

We love the illustrations of the dogs, especially knowing that they are hand painted, then printed on luxurious, textured, white paper. The Pet Set (A Rare Breed of Stationary) offers some lovely choices for animal lovers who want to correspond in style! A stationary lovers dream in my book!

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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: the Gaur Morning

10,000 Birds

On the other side of the road is one tall and almost white paper bark tree, with its bark peeling off like the pages of an open book. At the lakeshore, Asian Openbill Storks are foraging, while on a low branch of a large tree shadowing the water one massive and upright Grey-headed Fish Eagle stands.

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Birds of Prey of the East & Birds of Prey of the West: Review of Two Field Guides

10,000 Birds

And these aren’t just paintings made on white paper digitally dropped onto colored backgrounds, these are images painted onto “100 percent rag, acid-free, mat boards.” Unlike most identification and field guides, Wheeler deliberately uses blue, brown, green, blue-gray, and blue-green backgrounds.