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10,000 Birds

The Common Pochard is not just a scarce breeding bird, but the second most numerous wintering duck in Serbia and it will be a hard battle to protect it against the strong hunting lobby. They do breed in the Balkans, in Montenegro and Greece where I observed them, as well as in Bulgaria and Romania. Out of just under 200 bird species I observed this year in SE Europe, there are 6 threatened species.

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Birding Sarajevo or the sentimental journey home

10,000 Birds

The series of birding workshops and meetings continued across the map, through Ulcinj, Montenegro, then Samobor, Croatia and Stip (described here ), North Macedonia, leading to Brussels, the unofficial capital of EU. Bosnian birders often bitterly joke that the only truly protected reserves in the country are minefields. Gonna take a sentimental journey. Gonna set my heart at ease …. Gotta take that sentimental journey. Sentimental journey home.

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