Ways to Effectively Lobby Congress

Critter News

The Congressional Research Service issues reports on everything from the political situation in Moldova to environmental policies related to hog farming. Mark Markarian has a great post on how to effectively lobby Congress on animal issues. All I can add, as a former Legislative Correspondent and Legislative Assistant is to put in a good word for Medicare and Social Security. Creakers vote more then any other demographic group. You don't have to say you're old.

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The Six Good Birds of Christmas

10,000 Birds

In the shallows of the submerged Moldova island, among Common Coots , Common Goldeneyes , Tufted Ducks and Common Pochards (oh, don’t you just hate calling birds “common”), a few Smews and two dozen Goosanders (a.k.a. 2018 is about to end. Checking my annual list, I am where I usually am at this time of year: several species short of 200. And although half of them are within reach, I don’t really have the time to pursue them.

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