Hawks In Flight, Second edition: A Review of a New Version of a Birding Classic

10,000 Birds

The new edition adds 11 species, birds such as Zone-tailed Hawk, Short-tailed Hawk, and California Condor that are only seen in specific areas of North America. The original organization of chapters on Buteos, Accipiters, Falcons, Kites, Northern Harrier, Eagles and Vultures, and Osprey has been kept, with additional chapters on Crested Caracara, Southwestern Buteos and Kin, Florida Specialties, Regional Specialties. If it’s October, then it is time to look up.

2012 73

Seabirding off Cape Point

10,000 Birds

This may be the most awesome pelagic you’ll ever experience… For me it was the publication in 1984 of Peter Harrison’s ground-breaking identification guide to ‘ Seabirds ’ that opened up the off-shore world of pelagic birding right on Cape Town’s door step. Also present in good El Nino years are the occasional and much sought after Blue Petrel with its distinctive black sub-terminal tail band with white trailing edge, a unique diagnostic feature amongst petrels.

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