The Grand Old Hawkwatch of the South

10,000 Birds

It’s 90% Broad-wings, paddle-shaped with crisp tail bands, but there are a handful of Sharp-shinned Hawks mixed in too, looking for all the world like the flying gavels described in every hawk-watching tome. In addition to the Broad-wings and the few Sharpies, the resident Red-tailed Hawks made a couple quick passes inducing “ooohs”, and “ahhhhs” among the assembled. Hawkwatches on the northern half of the Appalachians get a lot of press.

2012 55

Summer Books for Kids (and the rest of us)

10,000 Birds

Roth depicts a brown, tail-banded, evil-eyed hawk with an open-eyed parrot held upside-down, wings spread, in its claws). Only, instead of a group of children going on scientific adventures with their teacher, a band of five young bluebirds go on bird watching adventures on their own. They start out in New York City, climbing a skyscraper to see a Peregrine Falcon, the world’s fastest-moving bird, diving at almost 200 miles an hour after a pigeon.

2014 68

Hawks In Flight, Second edition: A Review of a New Version of a Birding Classic

10,000 Birds

The new edition adds 11 species, birds such as Zone-tailed Hawk, Short-tailed Hawk, and California Condor that are only seen in specific areas of North America. The original organization of chapters on Buteos, Accipiters, Falcons, Kites, Northern Harrier, Eagles and Vultures, and Osprey has been kept, with additional chapters on Crested Caracara, Southwestern Buteos and Kin, Florida Specialties, Regional Specialties. If it’s October, then it is time to look up.

2012 66

Seabirding off Cape Point

10,000 Birds

Such activity hardly goes unnoticed by piratical and falcon-like Parasitic Jaegers and the larger, more thickset and not as common Pomarine Jaegers , readily on the lookout for a kleptoparasitic feeding opportunity along the outermost reefs. Also present in good El Nino years are the occasional and much sought after Blue Petrel with its distinctive black sub-terminal tail band with white trailing edge, a unique diagnostic feature amongst petrels.

2012 58