Sat.Nov 18, 2023

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Oregon dealing with respiratory illness incidents in dogs


The Oregon Department of Agriculture has received more than 200 case reports from veterinarians of a mysterious canine infectious respiratory disease since the middle of August.

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Birding Heligoland in Late September

10,000 Birds

Volunteering on Heligoland for a month allowed me to get a sense of changing migration patterns in autumn. The first half of September (covered in my previous post ) was very productive, but the second half delivered some even better birding. An example of the changes over this time were the initially large numbers of Whinchats. These birds were omnipresent on the bushes and fence posts on the upper land of the island during the first weeks of my stay.

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Nominations open for 2024 AVMA Excellence awards


Summary: The nomination period is open for the 2024 AVMA Excellence Awards. The awards program recognizes contributions by veterinarians and nonveterinarians to the veterinary profession and to animal health and welfare.

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If your cat or dog is having a litter, is it ok to keep most or a considerable part of the puppies if you have the conditions, or is there risk of inbreeding in the future?

Reddit Animals

I tried to search the internet for that and for people who raise pets in farms, ranchs, etc, could never find a good answer about how it goes if you keep your pet's entire group of children together with the parent(s) and don't give them away. I know in nature they would each go their separate ways, but in a human environment, if the children aren't neutered and get raised together, what happens when they reach sexual maturity?

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Webinar & PDF Test

Speaker: Steve Romanco

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