Sun.May 21, 2023

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Floodwaters receding across Roebuck Plains

10,000 Birds

As you can see in the header photo, there is still floodwater from the highway to the station gate across Roebuck Plains. The edges of the highway have started to dry out now and you can get off the bitumen in a few places to take in all of the bird activity. It has been rather precarious until now and there is evidence of sticky situations in the dirt beside the highway!

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Deer and salt licks!

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I live in a pretty remote mountain town, tons of deer on my property. Wanted to give them a salt lick, is this legal? Is this ok? I’m not hunting!!! All YouTube videos give me hunting advice. I’m from the city and like seeing deer!

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After the recent Gorilla vs Grizzly thread I think this is needed: Gorilla myth busting

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Claim 1: A gorilla can definitely kill any animal below 400 lbs easily and still put up a good fight for those above that weight class The truth: Forest leopards in Africa are known to kill gorillas, and while rare, the current record is skewed heavily in favor of the leopard coming out the better in these encounters. Jungle leopards are in general larger than their savanna cousins, but they are nevertheless just about the same size as a human.

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Can you claim animals from a county estray list if they aren't your but have been on the list for months?

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