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10,000 Birds

We know Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon as just Buffon – arguably the greatest natural historian of the 18th century. He is the Frenchman most likely to upset our American friends evidenced by the enormous number of webpages dedicated to his remarks. What remarks? Well, in his magnum opus, “Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière” Monsieur Buffon stated – without any evidence – that American nature and people were degenerate. “… que des sujets modelés en petit, des formes imparfaite

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Dogs ? or cats ? or do you prefer other.

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I know someone has done this in pets already 11 months ago. But I’m wanting some more recent opinions. Sadly can’t do a poll on this community. But I’m just wondering. I have gown up with a lot more dogs then cats and say I lean against more of a cat person not saying that I still do like dogs, but I have grown to not like them as much if there not trained.

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What is this thing

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I found this thing in my front yard it came in the shell what is it?

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A starving lion in Gaza

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[link] ? igsh=MXE1cmZnZG5wZnRxOA== Translation : even the lion lost passion in life Isreal cut off food and water supplies, the normal lion needs more than 5kgs of meat, and people of Gaza are only living on bread so there's no meat this war should stop!!!!!!!

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Webinar & PDF Test

Speaker: Steve Romanco

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Single orca killing great white shark

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submitted by /u/No-Database-2646 [link] [comments]

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