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Forgotten Prairies

10,000 Birds

Ferruginous Hawks are native to our western short-grass prairies and their diet comprises almost completely of prairie dogs. Well, the ongoing issues of land development, sport shooting, and the rancher’s war on these animals keeps prairie dog populations from ever booming. Not too bad eatin’, huh?

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Dog Death Squads in China

4 The Love Of Animals

And we’re developing a rabies vaccination and sterilization program that we can offer to rural communities to humanely prevent rabies and control dog populations. In addition to working to stop this cull, IFAW is helping draft China’s first national animal welfare legislation that will prohibit culls like this.

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Searching for vultures in India

10,000 Birds

The disappearance of vultures has allowed other species such as rat and [stray] dog populations to grow. A vulture’s metabolism is a true “dead-end” for pathogens, but dogs and rats become carriers of the pathogens. The carcasses formerly eaten by vultures rot in village fields leading to contaminated drinking water.

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Moral Vegetarianism, Part 8 of 13

Animal Ethics

Meat-packing companies might encourage, for example, an increased dog population to take up the slack. Knowing the irrationality of the market on the one hand and the cunning of meat producers on the other, one may well have doubts. Cattle might be overproduced because of government subsidies and new markets found for meat.