Birding Chongming Island in summer

10,000 Birds

This Cattle Egret has just read a paper stating that it would be 3.6 Shanghai’s Chongming Island is a well-known destination for birders, and will probably become even more important given the continued destruction of Nanhui. Yet it is generally recommended to go there in winter.

Critically Endangered: Sociable Lapwing

10,000 Birds

Reasons for their decline include steppes being turned into arable fields – the reason they disappeared from Ukraine and European Russia, on migration they are hunted with guns and falcons, and on their wintering grounds natural habitat is dwindling in the absence of once large herds of wild ungulates (one should try to see these animals as gardeners of a well-kept landscape). Gujarat, December 2010. Target for today: critically endangered Sociable Lapwing ( Vanellus gregarius ).

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Birding Shanghai in July 2022

10,000 Birds

Somehow I did not think Cattle Egrets would eat dragonflies (shouldn’t they eat beef, at least judging from their name?) Meanwhile at Nanhui, Pied Kingfishers are discussing the Ukraine war, corruption in politics, and rising fish prices.