Kathy Bauck: The Face of Puppy Mill Cruelty

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Kathy Bauck, owner of Pick of the Litter Kennels in New York Mills, MN, was recently found guilty of four misdemeanors: one count of animal cruelty, and 3 counts of animal torture. Several dogs at the kennel were too weak and thin to stand up, and this woman has up to 1300 dogs in her “care&# at a time. She is still allowed to keep her kennel and keep breeding animals. Kathy Bauck.

Disaster Preparedness Plan May Save Your Pet’s Life

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Doggy bags (can also be used for cat litter clean-up). Make sure you ask if they have any limitations on the number, size, species or breeds they allow. Some dog breeds (e.g. Contact animal shelters and kennels in your evacuation area. With June 1 marking the first day of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season, it’s crucial to raise awareness about the importance of planning for pets’ safety before it’s too late. VCA veterinarian Donna J.

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