To Save the Northern Bald Ibis

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Add to hunting, poisoning, and habitat loss and disturbance yet another man-made danger: war. A breeding program in Turkey has been successful, but civil war in neighboring Syria seems to have posed a significant hazard. For the past few years, many of the Ibises that migrated southward, across Syria, haven’t returned. News Conservation migration Northern Bald Ibis Syria TurkeyJuvenile Northern Bald Ibis photo by Mich77/Wikimedia Commons.

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Africa’s endangered species

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Image by Adam Riley Of the 115 African species now listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered, nearly half occur on the islands surrounding Africa or are non-breeding migrants to Africa. They are not necessarily the rarest species in Africa, in fact some of them still occur in large numbers, but their inclusion in the IUCN Red List is due to rapid population declines over the past 3 breeding generations of these species.