To Save the Northern Bald Ibis

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Add to hunting, poisoning, and habitat loss and disturbance yet another man-made danger: war. A breeding program in Turkey has been successful, but civil war in neighboring Syria seems to have posed a significant hazard. For the past few years, many of the Ibises that migrated southward, across Syria, haven’t returned. News Conservation migration Northern Bald Ibis Syria TurkeyJuvenile Northern Bald Ibis photo by Mich77/Wikimedia Commons.

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Africa’s endangered species

10,000 Birds

A foraging Northern Bald Ibis near Tamri, Morocco by Adam Riley Extinction, driven by loss of feeding habitat, nest disturbance, hunting and poisoning, seemed inevitable. Then in 2002, the news of a dramatic discovery of a relict colony in Palmyra, Syria, a country where they had been declared extinct for 70 years was greeted with jubilation. Habitat destruction, hunting and disturbance are further factors affecting the population.