A Llama!

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As is this llama. We're on vacation. Enjoy

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The Problem with Weight is NOT Losing It

4 The Love Of Animals

I am a professional animal handler and trainer, specializing in llamas and alpacas. For over 25 years, Marty McGee Bennett has been teaching people about animals and animal handling, with a specialty in training and handling llamas and alpacas. A resident of Bend, Oregon, McGee Bennett lives on a 10-acre farm with her husband, Brad, two dogs, two cats, five llamas, 11 alpacas, and super composting red wigglers, number unknown.

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In Sunlight or in Shadow

10,000 Birds

No, not the llamas. Those of you who go outside like actual birders and/or adults may not be aware of the latest craze to sweep the internet. Or the trailer for the new Frozen short. Or even the welcome news the Obama has vetoed the Keystone pipeline. No, it’s about a blue dress. Or a white dress. With decorations that are either gold or black.

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Local Specialties at Lake Junin

10,000 Birds

Llamas and wild guinea pigs are also found here. The Ancient Lake Junin has its own flightless grebe, rail, and frog. It is big and highly variable when it comes to accessing bird habitats. Luckily, there is a resident birding guide who can make finding the local specialties easy. After Lake Titicaca, Lake Junin is the second largest and the highest large lake in Peru.

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