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What is the National Bird of Latvia?

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The national bird of Latvia is the White Wagtail which, it being Latvia, they call Balta Cielava.* Nonetheless, that is the only explanation I can find for how Latvia chose its national bird so there you have it. Wouldn’t you want a bird with such a reputation to represent your country?

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Herd the moos? Latvia's symbolic blue cow back from the brink

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submitted by /u/czelustnygu [link] [comments].

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Another Bird Surprise for Costa Rica- Buff-collared Nightjar!

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A bit larger than the Netherlands but with less land than Latvia and Ireland, in terms of territory, we rank 126. As far as countries go, Costa Rica is at the smaller end of the spectrum. With good reason, lots of birders visit Costa Rica and we also have a good sized local birding community.

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The 20 most common birds in Shanghai (Part 2)

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For some reason, it is also the National Bird of Latvia, though this does not give it any special status here in Shanghai. While quite common in scrubland, it is not that easy to get a decent photo of as it moves around very quickly. Finally, the White Wagtail is a widespread and common bird of open country in Shanghai.

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