The Little Big Year – Week 43: Last minute trip to Texas

10,000 Birds

Next stop was a night in San Antonio, where I am afraid, after a mediocre meal at a BBQ join next to our hotel, I went straight to bed. Once we were checked in, we headed straight out to begin our hunt. Things had just started to settle down a bit, now that we had parked the RV in Tucson. We were making some new birding friends, learning the local hotspots etc.

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Our Best Birds of 2020

10,000 Birds

Carrie, on-the-other-hand, got a bird precisely where it belonged, even if she didn’t get a photo, as she tends not to: In the first week of March, I was in San Antonio. 2020 will be remembered as a year that we’d like to forget.

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Animal Ethics

2, 2009 To the Editor: While Nicolette Hahn Niman’s article demonstrates our folly in oversimplifying solutions to many of our challenges and offers many viable solutions to sustaining our lifestyles in generations to come, she leaves out one very green practice: hunting and fishing. There is little that is less polluting and less harmful to the planet than hunting wild game responsibly. Kellman San Antonio, Oct.