Beef Farm's Trucks Burned by Activists

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And, this happened in Fresno County which is in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Full story here at the Fresno Bee. Animal rights activists are behind the burning of cattle trucks at Harris Farms in western Fresno County early Sunday, according to a statement released by a clearinghouse for activists. I don't support the destruction of property or any physical threats against people who harm animals whether through medical testing or through conventional agriculture.

Proposition 2 Poll

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The results of a new statewide poll by KSFN-Fresno/SurveyUSA shows overwhelming support from voters, with Prop 2 commanding a 62-point lead: 72-10 (18 undecided). I've been trying to find polling data on Proposition 2, but this is all I could find. It's from September 30, from the Humane Society. As the quarterly campaign finance period closed today, the YES!

So I'm from the New Appalachia?

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There is definitely a problem with gang violence, especially in Fresno. This is not totally animal-related, but I'll share anyway. I grew up in the Central Valley of California and my mother owns a home there in Gustine. Today I came across this strange article from NPR about the area. I've always known that the Central Valley is one of the poorer areas of California. It's not as well-educated, sophisticated, healthy or well-off.

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