Fri.Mar 17, 2023

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Auxiliary celebrates National Pet Week 2023


The Auxiliary to the AVMA will be celebrating National Pet Week 2023, May 7-13, with the theme “People, Pets & Vets a Perfect Team.

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Why is my daughter scared?

Reddit Animals

My friend has two dogs, a 150 pound great Dane, and a 260 pound English mastiff. when we go over to visit and the dogs come out to greet us, my 4Y/O little girl gets really scared and wants me to pick her up. Anytime the dogs gets near here or barking my kiddo gets scared, my daughter is a little more scared of the mastiff, but still pretty scare of the dane.

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All I dream is of having an animal, but I find it selfish and too great of a commitment

Reddit Animals

I grew up surrounded by animals and now, as an adult who is going through the worst period of her life, all I think of is of the day I will have a dog or even a rabbit by my side. I realise the reason why I daydream about it is because I feel profoundly alone and I realised from a young age, that people are unreliable, ever-changing and love conditionally.

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I need help

Reddit Animals

Ok so for a writing project of mine I have an animal I'm writing that is basically a mix of a bear, a wolf and a fox. But I need help doing the research on the behaviorz of these animals. Because I know that a lot of the mainstream media on wolves is BS and outdated. And I don't know anything about bear and fox behavior. So anything you can provide me studies or just general info would help a lot.

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Webinar & PDF Test

Speaker: Steve Romanco

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Do goats wear pajamas?

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/david8840 [link] [comments]

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