Wed.Sep 27, 2023

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AVMA CEO addresses workforce trends


Speaking to animal health industry leaders this August, AVMA CEO Dr. Janet Donlin talked about the challenges and opportunities facing the veterinary profession, including the seemingly high demand for veterinary services and related calls for a midlevel practitioner position.

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Need Help for Gathering Survey

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I’d be very glad if you just answer two questions with your name (first name and last initial is all i need really). 1st Question: What’s your favorite animal? 2nd Question: What kind of pet do you have? (cat, dog, etc…) Thanks for the help!

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Hmmmm… I sure wonder who could have scratched my book… hmmm

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I hate how even if some animals like such as Ball Pythons and Horseshoe Crabs where to be stoped caught in wild.stupid people like poachers and likes of them will hunt such species to extinction in wild.Because such species has no value to stop this?

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Is there anyway at all?

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Webinar & PDF Test

Speaker: Steve Romanco

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I am thinking of getting a job in mini zoo(small zoo but still a zoo).But I wonder if I could when way older transiction to animal photographer abroad(like going to difftent places to photo graph animals).

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Can that work?

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