Mon.May 13, 2024

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WSAVA updates global guidelines for vaccination


The World Small Animal Veterinary Association has updated its Global Vaccination Guidelines, which became available online April 8. The updated guidelines for dogs and cats suggest the leptospirosis vaccine should be considered “core” for dogs in regions where the disease is endemic. Also, the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) vaccine is now recommended as “core” for young cats and adult cats that have outdoor access or live with other cats that have outdoor access, in places where FeLV is prevalent.

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Is it okay for my dog to run a 5k with me 3-5 times per week?

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As the title says. Going to attach a picture so you can see his stature/fur/snout etc. We went a 5k today (I’m not fit I do a 5k in like 33 minutes mixing between running and walking) and he was struggling a little. He’s usually bouncing off the walls full of energy after a 5k walk but around half way through started dragging behind. He preferred running on the grass beside the pavement which I of course let him but even that didn’t seem to make him want to run towards the end.

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Birding Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

10,000 Birds

Frankly, Ho Chi Minh City is not a place you would go to specifically for birding. But if you are there anyway (at the start of a longer birding trip) and have an afternoon to spare, then why not? Specifically, a place named Sala Township looked interesting based on a few recent eBird lists. Sala Township is a slightly weird place in that it is very close to the city center (just on the other side of the river) and partly poshly built up, partly consisting of scrubland.

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How long before an animal to trust you

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I've had some magpies build a nest in my tree in the back garden and have been leaving them bread on my overhang roof just below my bedroom window, for a while I would come back and the bread would be gone but now I've caught them sitting and waiting for the food to arrive but as soon as they see me they fly away, just wondering how long before they will recognise me and won't fly away when I approach the window submitted by /u/No_Rhubarb_5353 [link] [comments]

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Speaker: Gabriel Wagner


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What Should I do?(Stuck bird and dead bird)

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In our neighbors house, one bird seems dead, the other still alive but seems very young, what should I do?

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Gorilla Beats His Chest

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[link] submitted by /u/bluearcherlady [link] [comments]