Push Land-Grant Universities Out of the Meat Industry

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On March 11th, RPA sent the governors of all 50 states a letter and two factsheets urging them to help get their land-grant universities (LGUs) out of the meat industry. The meat industry is inherently destructive and inhumane, there is no way to make it otherwise, and much of the harm it does to ecosystems is by inflicting suffering and death on billions of nonhuman animals, farmed and free-living, each year. Many say you can’t eat meat and be an environmentalist.

Are Farm Animals Usually Killed in a Humane Manner?

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The meat industry will say yes, of course, all animals are treated and killed humanely. For some people, it is inhumane to eat meat in any situation, no matter how well the animal is treated prior to and during slaughter. You are not processing their wellbeing, but their carcasses for meat. One of my closest friends worked as an accountant for IBP (formerly Iowa Beef Producers, now Tyson’s) and, he won’t speak of it, but there were some bad things that happened there.

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The meat industry loves to squeal that “the cost of bacon will rise” whenever it’s faced with pressure to change. I served on the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production, which released a report in 2008 that detailed exactly how much these “efficiencies” are costing America. How does the health of a farmer’s family and community figure in when they are making the decision to continue industrialized production methods?