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Did Swine Flu Outbreak Start at an Industrial Hog Farm?

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Tags: Swine Flu factory farm.

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Is Cheap Meat Endangering Our Lives?

Critter News

Very interesting opinion piece about how factory farms facilitate the rapid spread of viruses into the food supply. We know that bird flu developed in the world's vast poultry farms. And we know that pumping animal feed full of antibiotics in factory farms has given us a new strain of MRSA.

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Egypt Kills Thousands of Pigs for No Reason

Creature Talk

According to the New York Times, “Egypt ordered the pig slaughter even though there hasn’t been a single case of swine flu there and no evidence that pigs have spread the disease.&# I find this so frustrating. How typical that we humans blame this epidemic on pigs, and kill them without a second thought!

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

To the Editor: Re “Officials Point to Swine Flu in New York” (front page, April 26): Dare we ask why this happening [sic]? As the world moves toward raising the majority of animals in the unnatural setting of factory farms, it is likely that more, and worse, such pathogens will arise.