Dead Sea Lions in Puget Sound - Again

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Washington wildlife officials say eight sea lions have been found dead in the Puget Sound region in recent weeks — all apparently shot. The bodies of seven sea lions with bullet wounds were recently found on the Nisqually River. On Monday, a sea lion was found dead on West Seattle’s Lincoln Park beach. KING says one of the Nisqually casualties was a Steller sea lion, protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Sea Lion Euthanized at Bonneville Dam

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Sea lions are killed here for eating salmon. We all know that it's not the sea lions' fault that the salmon runs are either threatened or endangered. Tags: State of Washington salmon Stupid sea lions dams endangered species Sorry, another Washington State story. About 60 have already been identified as nuisance animals with the possibility of future trapping and euthanization. It really makes me angry.

Sea Lions Shot Near Seattle

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The deaths are a violation of the Marine Mammals Act and, because it’s a protected species, the shooting death of a Steller sea lion also violates the federal Endangered Species Act. Tags: wildlife crime seattle marine animals sea lions This is in our own backyard. Total cowards. I hope they're caught because they could face a 50 thousand dollar fine.

Salmon Threatened by Humans, Not Sea Lions

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Here's someone else who agrees with me that sea lions are not the true threat to salmon. It's just easier to kill sea lions that to break down dams. Tags: salmon marine animals hydropower dams endangered species She highlights dams, but that is only one of the four H's (hydro, harvest, habitat and hatcheries) that are obliterating this beautiful creature. I think this opinion is pretty wide-spread.

Birding Santa Cruz Island

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The scenery is stunning…expansive, rolling grasslands, towering vertical cliffs, cozy canyons filled with oaks, quiet coves where sea lions and cormorants mingle over the kelp forests. Like several species, breeding Peregrines were extirpated during the height of the DDT era but have reclaimed their island domain in more recent years. As he says, and as you should know, different times of year will produce different birds, either at sea or on the island.

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