Dog Adoption kits from Chickabug

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If you are getting ready to adopt a furry friend, or you know someone who is, you just have to see these adorable printables from Chickabug! If you are looking for inspiration on how to use it, just check out this amazing puppy adoption party ! To download your own set for free, and to see many other fun printables, be sure to visit: Dog adoption kits Chickabug. gifts for pet lovers just for fun

Guest Post: Dog Adoption

4 The Love Of Animals

First Days After Dog Adoption. Adapting to a new home can be very stressful for a dog. At first it is better to give the dog some distance to slowly get familiar with the new situation and let him get to know the house or apartment on his own. When the dog gets hungry, he will start to look for your companionship and it will be the best moment to gain his attention and trust. Remember that almost everything in your home are completely new to the dog.

Guest post: Dog Adoption

4 The Love Of Animals

This guest post is brought to you by Dog Fence DIY’s staff veterinarian Dr. Susan Wright. Dog Fence DIY has a variety of different pet containment systems to choose from. Be sure to check out the Innotek 2100 pet containment system for the best available price. Dog Fence DIY will help with all the steps of the process. These dogs are homeless through no fault of their own, and by rescuing one of them, you may just save their life.

4 The Love Of Animals

We love to share other sites who are helping spread the word about dog adoption and responsible pet ownership. That’s a whole bunch of dog lovers. is one of those sites, and they just celebrated a huge success! Their Facebook page has reached over 130,000 fans! And we couldn’t be happier for them.

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On Discounts on Adoptions

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Here's a Gray Matter for you (or maybe not): A humane society near me is doing a cat- and dog-adoption promotion this month. You can adopt a dog for $75 rather than $100, and if you adopt a cat for $50 you can get a second one for half the price. With record numbers of animals being abandoned due to foreclosures and the economy, and let's face it, adopting a dog or cats isn't going to save you any money, do you think it is irresponsible to offer discounts?