On Peaceable Kingdom, Part Deux

Animal Person

The storytellers are (with two exceptions) people whose livelihoods came from using animals. And more important is that those storytellers include people who ran small, family operations that animal welfare advocates would not have a problem with. All of the former animal farmers come to the same conclusion: that what they were doing wasn't right. My experiences are unlike any of the film's subjects.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

Animal Person

Beloved family pet Dalmatian, Pepper, is stolen, and after several weeks of searching is discovered to have been experimented on at a hospital and died on the table when researchers tried to implant her with an experimental cardiac pacemaker. You can buy some extra time by presoaking the animal in a basin of ice water.)" Actually, I didn't quit neuroscience as a result of the experiences described, but I did quit working with animals.

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