Doggie Valentine Contest

4 The Love Of Animals

LOUIS—Jan. For every valid entry, Chef Michael’s will donate $10 (up to $7,500) to to support its mission to find forever homes for homeless dogs that also deserve to feel loved on Valentine’s Day. This is so much fun! Who doesn’t count their dog as their Valentine? CHEF MICHAEL’S® ANNOUNCES A NATIONAL CONTEST TO FIND THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE “ DOGGIE VALENTINE ” IN AMERICA. Winner Will Travel to New York for a Special Celebration.

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“Dog Days and Poisons” – Collective Arts Brewing: Mash Up the Jam

10,000 Birds

In the last several hundred years, this service has been performed by hops, but before their widespread adoption in medieval Europe, brewers relied on a compendium of botanical agents to bitter their beers – some of which contained psychoactive or mildly toxic substances. I suspect this will be the first and last time we’ll see a beer featuring this species, an introduced Old-World songbird best known in North America from its St. Louis, Missouri population.

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